Unique study site for open care

KTA Prim is a unique open care site for clinical studies in support of and in cooperation with the primary healthcare clinics within the Stockholm County Council (SLL).


KTA Prim offers support for clinical studies through a professional infrastructural endorsement which enables the primary healthcare to efficiently contribute in clinical studies and patients to participate without exploiting resources meant for routine care. The aim is to increase the number of research studies performed in the Primary Health Care.

KTA Prim has developed a complete concept for clinical studies in phase II-IV. The sponsor may choose to make use of the complete concept or to select the parts among the services offered in accordance with the specific requirements for each study.

Infrastructure and Site Management

The site withholds all functions needed to carry out clinical studies in an efficient manner in modern premises in the heart of Stockholm.

KTA Prim has by the hour employed investigators and nurses from the primary health care in Stockholm. Outside of their ordinary job they work with clinical studies and with the reception of the human test subjects at KTA Prim. This Prim Team consist of commonly specialized GPs and open care nurses. Besides the Prim Team, there are fully employed research nurses who coordinate the studies. All employees at KTA Prim are specially educated in Good Clinical Practice.

Study Administration

Study related administration is handled by, for the function, well-educated staff at KTA Prim. KTA Prim works according to specific routines and adapted IT-solutions for optimal efficiency. The objective at KTA Prim is to keep a high level of service in all relations, i.e. human test subjects, primary health care contacts, the research team and sponsors.


KTA Prim has a high recruitment capacity and resources to include large patient groups in the studies. The way of recruiting varies depending on the study and target group, often in close cooperation with the Primary Health Care sites and other external collaboration partners. Trial subjects interested in participating contact the call center at KTA Prim for more information and are rigorously screened by professional staff before an appointment is set.

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