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Phase Ther­a­peu­tic area Indi­ca­tion Num­ber of subjects Study design Recruit­ment accomplished
0 Micro-​Dosing CNS Alzheimer 26 AD/​HV PET (Positron Emis­sion Tomog­ra­phy) (proof of mechanism) Yes, pre­ma­ture ending
0 Micro-​Dosing CNS MS 10 MS/​HV PET(proof of mechanism) Yes
0 CNS Huntington´s Dis­ease Up to 45HV PET Imag­ing Ongo­ing
IFIM(First in Man) Meta­bolic Over­weight 32 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­netic, dose escalation Yes
I FIM Renal Over active bladder 56 Elderly Dose find­ing study Yes
I FIM GIT Chron´s Dis­ease 65 HV/​CD Phar­ma­co­ki­netic Yes
I FIM Immunol­ogy Per­tus­sis 48 HV Dose esca­la­tion yes
I FIM Neu­rol­ogy Alzheimer Dis­ease 6 HV PET Yes
I FIM Neu­rol­ogy Schiz­o­phre­nia 7 HV PET Val­i­da­tion Yes
I FIM Immunol­ogy Vac­cine adjuvant 130 HV Safety and efficacy Yes
I FIM Neu­rol­ogy Alzheimer 24 AD/​HV PET Yes
I FIM Neu­rol­ogy Schiz­o­phre­nia 12 HV Safety and tolerability Yes
I Meta­bolic Anti inflam­ma­tory 32 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­net­ics and bioavailability Yes
I Hema­tol­ogy Trans­plan­ta­tion 32 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­netic, admin­stra­tion optimization Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Insom­nia 18 HV Three-​period cross-​over Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Migrain 16 HV Bioavail­abil­ity Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy ADHD 18 HV PET Imag­ing Yes
I Human Phar­ma­col­ogy Replace­ment therapy 16 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­netic Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Pro­ce­dural analgesia 12 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­netic , cross over Yes
I Meta­bolic GHD(Hormone Meta­bolic Deficiency) 3 GHD Phar­ma­co­ki­net­ics Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy CNS Occu­pancy 4 HV PET Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Parkinson´s Dis­ease 14 PD/​HV PET Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Anx­i­ety 8 HV PET Effi­cacy Yes
I Meta­bolic Oral Insulin 10 HV Dose response Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Alzheimer 10 – 15AD/​HV PET Proof of mechanism Pre­ma­ture ending
I Meta­bolic Oral Insulin 32 Dia­betes 2 Dose-​tolerance Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy /​Pain 72 HV/​Elderly Phar­ma­co­ki­netic Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy ADHD 12 HV MRI Val­i­da­tion study Yes
I Meta­bolic Oral Insulin 8 HV Phar­ma­co­ki­netic Yes
I Neu­rol­ogy Anx­i­ety 20 HV Phar­mo­co­ki­netic With­drawn
I Psy­chi­atric Schiz­o­phre­nia 12 HV PET Imag­ing Yes
I Metabolic/​pediatric GHD 2 chil­dren Yes
I GIT Bowel cleans­ing 80 HV Change in blood chemistry Yes
I/​IIa Immunol­ogy Birch pollen allergy 36 Allergy Dose esca­la­tion Yes
II Meta­bolic GHD 12 GHD Phar­ma­co­ki­netic and pharmacodynamic Yes
II Neuro Nico­tine replacement 150 HV Phar­ma­co­dy­namic Yes only 120was needed
II Meta­bolic GHD 8 GHD Phar­mo­co­ki­netic and Pharmacodynamic Yes
II Nutrion Lim­i­ta­tions in phys­i­cal functioning 70 Elderly OGTT Yes
II Immunol­ogy Hepati­tis B vaccine 3 HV Safety and tolerability yes
II Geri­atric Mus­cle Weakness 6 Elderly Vit­a­min supplement Yes
IIa GIT Ulcer­a­tive Colitis 4 UC Phar­ma­co­ki­netic No
IIb Meta­bolic Over­weight 10 HV Safety and efficacy yes
III Meta­bolic Over­weight 9 HV Safety and efficacy yes
III-​IV Car­di­ol­ogy Odon­tol­ogy 20 HV/​Cardiac Yes
Med tech Device Catheter Mate­r­ial 25 HV Uri­nary catheterization yes
Med tech Device Catheter Mate­r­ial 25 HV Uri­nary catheterization yes
Med tech Device Catheter Mate­r­ial 25 HV Uri­nary catheterization yes
Med tech Device Migraine 12 HV Nasal stim­u­la­tion Yes
Med tech Device Migraine 12 HV Ear stim­u­la­tion Yes
I (poM) CNS Alzheimer 18 HV PET study Yes
I (poM) CNS Schiz­o­phre­nia 12 HV PET study Yes
I (poM) CNS Parkinson´s Dis­ease 15 HV PET Yes
Obs Psy­chi­a­try Depres­sion 50 HV Recruit­ning healthy con­trol group Yes
II Pul­monary Allergy 6 pat Unblinded part of study Ongo­ing
FIM Meta­bolic Porfyria 27 pat First in patient SAD andMAD Ongo­ing
I Vac­cine B. Per­tus­siss 54 HV MAD Ongo­ing